Sheltered (First Review)


To start off my reviews, I am going to review an interesting title by the name of Sheltered. In Sheltered, a world destroying event happens that irradiates the earth (Nukes?), but you and your family are lucky enough to find an abandoned bunker which you set up as your base camp of survival.


Sheltered is a survival sandbox where you must build different structures in your base to better ensure your survival, such as water collectors, or toilets, but resources don’t grow on trees! You must send out characters to scavenge, trade, gather resources and recruit survivors.

Overall Opinion:

I would recommend this game to people who enjoy strategy and planning ahead. The game itself may seem simple but in truth it is very difficult. Some may find this game undesirable due to the fact that it is so easy to lose simply to one wrong mistake, or even RNG.

Thanks for reading. Please, leave a comment if you feel that I left something out, or if you enjoyed this.


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