Mount and Blade: Warband (Review Part 1)

One of my favorite games of all time is Mount and Blade: Warband, and that is what we are reviewing today!


Mount and Blade: Warband is a medieval strategy game set in the fictional, war torn country known as Calradia. In this land, there are six factions:

  • Rhodoks
  • Swadia
  • Vaegirs
  • Khergit Khanate
  • Sarranid Sultanate
  • Nords

Each faction has its own pros and cons (more on that later), and are always at war with each other, whether to gain lost territory, or to stop another faction from growing too large.


In Mount and Blade Warband, you can play as a mercenary, a lord’s vassal, a trader, or even start your own faction! You will start out by making your own small warband and over time, as you gain renown and level up make it larger and more deadly. The money to pay your troops does not grow on trees however! Some ways you can help pay for your troops are

  1. Become a lord’s mercenary.
  2. Become a lord’s vassal. You will only gain money if you are given a fief upon joining, or take a fief by capturing a castle of town.
  3. Buy a productive enterprise. This is by far the easiest early game way to supplement your wallet. Low level enterprises such as Ale making will not make you much money, but high level ones such as a weaver and dyeworks will line your wallet quicky.

Faction strategy and overall opinion in part two!

Mount and Blade: Warband (Review part 2)


3 thoughts on “Mount and Blade: Warband (Review Part 1)

  1. What’s your opinion on party skills? Do you usually invest in intelligence and do the same with companions, or do you focus on combat stats? Sometimes I feel like levelling up party skills past 5 is cheating with how much you outclass your opponents, surgery and pathfinding in particular.

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    1. I usualy go combat skills for myself and intelligence for my companions. For example, i would usualy give my self high power draw, weapon master, power strike, iron flesh, and riding, but I would give someone like Artimenner surgery, tactics, and trade.


    2. Also, i feel like it is not necesarrily cheating to have a skill above 5 because you need a balanced skill set in order to win battles, and you need to win battles in order to level up, and after you spend your first initial levels, balancing your character, it takes a while to level up, so I feel lile it is a balanced work/payment system.

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