Mount and Blade: Warband (Review part 2)

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Finally! The long awaited PART TWO! Thanks so much for your patience! I will put the link to part one at the bottom.

As promised: A little bit of faction strategy

Below are all the factions, including their strengths, weaknesses, and some miscellaneous information regarding bandits and economy.


The kingdom of Swadia is a definite force to be reckoned with. It has some of the most powerful troops that can botch decimate the enemy AND your wallet!

  • Pros
    • Very powerful heavy cavalry
    • Powerful heavy infantry
    • Good offensive and defensive power
  • Cons
    • Poor crossbowmen
    • Limited anti cavalry
    • Very expensive troops
  • Misc.
    • Average economy



The kingdom of Rhodoks has very impressive crossbow units but poor infantry. This region has perhaps the best economy in the game. If you need more food variety or are setting up for a feast, it would be advisable to head to Rhodokian territory.

  • Pros
    • Excellent spearmen (great for defense I.E. stopping cavalry)
    • Extremely powerful crossbowmen
    • Extremely good defenders.
  • Cons
    • No cavalry
    • Poor offensive infantry
  • Misc.
    • Great economy
    • Annoying bandits (forest and mountain)


Sarranid Sultanate

The Sarranids live in a harsh desert, flourishing around oases. The economy is a very rich one for the most part. The Sarranids both travel and fight by horse.

  • Pros
    • Powerful heavy cavalry (perhaps rivaling that of Swadia!)
    • Very versatile and fast infantry
  • Cons
    • Infantry is easily outmatched when directly confronted
    • Archers are outclassed at long range by other factions archers
  • Misc.
    • Good economy
    • Strong horse bandits. These can be a real thorn in the early game.


Khergit Khanate

The Khergits are know for their skirmish tactics and horse archers. Their economy is a prosperous one (about the same as the Sarranid’s).

  • Pros
    • Lots of mounted troops that are easy to train
    • Amazing horse archers
  • Khans (Get it?)
    • Bad defense
    • Are easily destroyed when there is no maneuverability
  • Misc.
    • Good Economy
    • Strong horse bandits. can be a real thorn in the early game



The kingdom of Vaegirs is a faction with an average economy, and annoying bandits, but formidable troops.

  • Pros
    • Strong archer
    • Good light infantry
    • Good offensive power
    • Cheap troops
  • Cons
    • Poor offensive power
    • Can get bulldozed by cavalry
  • Misc.
    • Average economy
    • Annoying bandits



The Nords reside by the sea, mainly basing their economy off of fishing and producing salt. The are an extremely powerful infantry force.

  • Pros
    • Strongest infantry, great for direct engagement
    • Average archers that can defend themselves close quarters
  • Cons
    • No cavalry
    • Vulnerable to cavalry
    • Slightly expensive
  • Misc.
    • Average economy
    • Tough infantry bandits. Can be a real thorn early game.


Overall opinion:

This is an amazing game that will test your strategy skills to the max! If you like games that don’t require strategy and are not too in depth and complicated, this is NOT the game for you.

Mount and Blade: Warband (Part 1)


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