Dog Sled Saga

The Kennel


Dog Sled Saga is an odd title in which a family friend invites you to be the new resident musher of Firebowl Kennel, where you start your career as a musher.


Dog Sled Saga is about managing a team of dogs. You start the game by picking and naming three dogs. From there you must train them to be the best sled team around. Each dog has a specific strength and weakness, and you must learn to use these to your advantage during races. You race your dogs to win money and sponsors. This money is used to buy new dogs, or pay the weekly fee determined by your league. Sponsors give you better equipment.

Overall Opinion:

I would recommend Dog Sled Saga to anyone who likes simple yet fun games. It is a good way to pass time, and does not start to feel stale after a while.

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