Shellshock Live


There isn’t any background for this one, so we will get right into gameplay! In Shellshock Live, you are a tank pitted against other tanks (either in teams or free for all) on a small 2-D map. These aren’t just ordinary tanks however! These tanks shoot the most abstract weapons possible. Here is a small list of weapons these tanks can shoot:

This is just the tip of the iceberg…


  • Fire
  • Water
  • Giant Exploding Bouncy Balls
  • Airstrikes
  • Rainbows
  • Goldfish
  • Grenades
  • Sniper Rounds
  • Electricity
  • Pixels
  • Stars
  • Zippers
  • Shovels
  • Land builders
  • and much MUCH more!

Whenever a tank dies, it drops the weapons it had left for others to collect. Shooting these abstract weapons however is easier said than done! Besides the fact that each weapon has a different special action that dictates what situation they are best used in, you must angle all of your shots over (and sometimes under) the hills of the map! there are also powerups that can help you gain an edge over your enemy however. Sometimes a crate will spawn in the sky. If you shoot it, you gain its contents. Contents can include:

  • Extra Armor
  • A Jetpack
  • An EMP
  • And More

Obstacles can also spawn to either help, or hurt you. Here is a list of obstacles:

  • Walls – Deflect shots
  • Circular Walls – Deflect shots
  • Double Damage – If your bullet passes through this ring, it will do double damage to the tank your shot lands on
  • Portals – Teleports your shot to the other on screen portal
  • Black Holes – If your bullet passes through the edge of this ring, it will curve its trajectory in the direction of the black hole’s spiral. If your bullet hits the center of this ring, it will disappear.

Overall Opinion

I personally found this game very fun! If you are the kind of gamer that enjoys a game that makes you think a little before you act, but is not too difficult, Shellshock Live is the game for you!

Lastly, I want to thank all my reader for being patient in waiting for a new review. Thanks for reading!


Shiny New Website!!!

Well, the website was looking kind of old and needed some love, so I broke out the paint and went to work! The finished product is what you see now: A still very simplistic design that is easier on the eyes and is more organized!

In other news: I am still researching (and by researching I mean playing a lot of) Mount and Blade: Warband DLC. I have learned a lot but still have more to learn as the DLC seems to be way more in depth than the base game. Keep a look out on the horizon for it however because a post about it may come soon!

More Mount and Blade

Hello again!

So, a little update for you all: I will ,in fact, be reviewing the Mount and Blade: Warband DLC. I received no comments or likes regarding the subject, but Mount and Blade: Warband remains the most popular review on this website. It may take a while to get a post out about it, however, due to my lack of experience with the DLC, so expect some other reviews in between!

In other news, I might be updating the overall look of this site. I was looking at this website on my phone and began to realize how bland and flavorless it looks! I do not know if or when this will happen, so I will not offer an ETA.

That is all for today! Thanks for reading.

Popular Posts

Hello everyone! I haven’t posted in a while, so I figured I would post an idea that I have been toying with to see how receptive you all are to it.

I check the statistics of my website daily, and have noticed a pattern: My posts about Mount and Blade: Warband are very popular in comparrison to all of my other posts! Upon realizing this I thought, “what if I do separate reviews for the DLC?”

So now I am presenting this idea to you, my readers, to see if this is something you would like to see. If you would like to see this, please leave a like or post a comment!

That’s all! Thanks for reading!

Duck Game

Hello everyone! Sorry to keep you waiting for so long on this review. Today I am reviewing another one of my favorites: Duck Game!


After an unknown war breaks out, you must break some glass with a shotgun and hop into battle against other ducks in this fast passed shooter game.



In duck game, you spawn on a map and only get a few seconds to see where you are before the battle starts. Once the battle starts, chaos ensues, and you must scramble to find a weapon, which can be anything from a giant death laser, to an old fashioned musket. The goal of the game: to be the last one alive at the end of the round. Once the round ends, another round starts. This keeps happening until the intermission which happens every ten rounds. During the intermission, you will throw a rock with your hat on it. The distance you throw it is equal to the amount of wins you have. You win the game once your rock reaches the end zone.

Shennanigan Factors:

This game is so oddball and unique that I had to add an extra section just to talk about some of the wackyness of this game! This section is simply to elaborate on all of the random thing this game has that makes it so fun to play with strangers and friends alike!

Shennanigan List:

  • Nerf Guns: the nerf pistol is not very useful, but the nerf gatling gun, when fired enough will shoot flaming nerf darts. Who wants a nerf war?!
  • Net Guns: Have you ever wanted to put that one annoying friend of yours into a net and throw them off the planet? You can do that here!
  • Mind Control Guns and Tin Foil Hats: You can zap someone with a mind control ray and make them jump off the map! Not if they have a tin foil hat though. Party poopers.
  • Instruments: Are you an inspired musical genius? You can play your heart out with instruments like the trumpet, trombone, saxophone, and drums! The notes will change with different key combos too.
  • Magic Books: Read one near another player to change them to your color! If any of the converted ducks survive at the end of the round, you get extra points!
  • Magnet Guns: Having problems eliminating that one player who has full armor and a sword? Simple solution: magnetize them and throw them off a cliff!
  • Hats: Your hat is a decorational item (or if teams are enabled, it represents the team you are on) that makes you look fancy! There are many outrageous hats that you can wear such as a refridgerator, hamburger, pan, paper bag, fedora, or TV! All of these do different things when you quack too!

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Overall Opinion:

 This game is an amazingly fun game best played with a controller and friends, whether you are playing locally, or are on a skype call with them! If you like mindless fast paced fun, this game is DEFINATELY for you!

Thanks for reading! If you liked what I wrote, or think I left anything out, please leave a comment!


Mount and Blade: Warband (Review part 2)

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Finally! The long awaited PART TWO! Thanks so much for your patience! I will put the link to part one at the bottom.

As promised: A little bit of faction strategy

Below are all the factions, including their strengths, weaknesses, and some miscellaneous information regarding bandits and economy.


The kingdom of Swadia is a definite force to be reckoned with. It has some of the most powerful troops that can botch decimate the enemy AND your wallet!

  • Pros
    • Very powerful heavy cavalry
    • Powerful heavy infantry
    • Good offensive and defensive power
  • Cons
    • Poor crossbowmen
    • Limited anti cavalry
    • Very expensive troops
  • Misc.
    • Average economy



The kingdom of Rhodoks has very impressive crossbow units but poor infantry. This region has perhaps the best economy in the game. If you need more food variety or are setting up for a feast, it would be advisable to head to Rhodokian territory.

  • Pros
    • Excellent spearmen (great for defense I.E. stopping cavalry)
    • Extremely powerful crossbowmen
    • Extremely good defenders.
  • Cons
    • No cavalry
    • Poor offensive infantry
  • Misc.
    • Great economy
    • Annoying bandits (forest and mountain)


Sarranid Sultanate

The Sarranids live in a harsh desert, flourishing around oases. The economy is a very rich one for the most part. The Sarranids both travel and fight by horse.

  • Pros
    • Powerful heavy cavalry (perhaps rivaling that of Swadia!)
    • Very versatile and fast infantry
  • Cons
    • Infantry is easily outmatched when directly confronted
    • Archers are outclassed at long range by other factions archers
  • Misc.
    • Good economy
    • Strong horse bandits. These can be a real thorn in the early game.


Khergit Khanate

The Khergits are know for their skirmish tactics and horse archers. Their economy is a prosperous one (about the same as the Sarranid’s).

  • Pros
    • Lots of mounted troops that are easy to train
    • Amazing horse archers
  • Khans (Get it?)
    • Bad defense
    • Are easily destroyed when there is no maneuverability
  • Misc.
    • Good Economy
    • Strong horse bandits. can be a real thorn in the early game



The kingdom of Vaegirs is a faction with an average economy, and annoying bandits, but formidable troops.

  • Pros
    • Strong archer
    • Good light infantry
    • Good offensive power
    • Cheap troops
  • Cons
    • Poor offensive power
    • Can get bulldozed by cavalry
  • Misc.
    • Average economy
    • Annoying bandits



The Nords reside by the sea, mainly basing their economy off of fishing and producing salt. The are an extremely powerful infantry force.

  • Pros
    • Strongest infantry, great for direct engagement
    • Average archers that can defend themselves close quarters
  • Cons
    • No cavalry
    • Vulnerable to cavalry
    • Slightly expensive
  • Misc.
    • Average economy
    • Tough infantry bandits. Can be a real thorn early game.


Overall opinion:

This is an amazing game that will test your strategy skills to the max! If you like games that don’t require strategy and are not too in depth and complicated, this is NOT the game for you.

Mount and Blade: Warband (Part 1)

Mount and Blade: Warband (Review Part 1)

One of my favorite games of all time is Mount and Blade: Warband, and that is what we are reviewing today!


Mount and Blade: Warband is a medieval strategy game set in the fictional, war torn country known as Calradia. In this land, there are six factions:

  • Rhodoks
  • Swadia
  • Vaegirs
  • Khergit Khanate
  • Sarranid Sultanate
  • Nords

Each faction has its own pros and cons (more on that later), and are always at war with each other, whether to gain lost territory, or to stop another faction from growing too large.


In Mount and Blade Warband, you can play as a mercenary, a lord’s vassal, a trader, or even start your own faction! You will start out by making your own small warband and over time, as you gain renown and level up make it larger and more deadly. The money to pay your troops does not grow on trees however! Some ways you can help pay for your troops are

  1. Become a lord’s mercenary.
  2. Become a lord’s vassal. You will only gain money if you are given a fief upon joining, or take a fief by capturing a castle of town.
  3. Buy a productive enterprise. This is by far the easiest early game way to supplement your wallet. Low level enterprises such as Ale making will not make you much money, but high level ones such as a weaver and dyeworks will line your wallet quicky.

Faction strategy and overall opinion in part two!

Mount and Blade: Warband (Review part 2)

Dog Sled Saga

The Kennel


Dog Sled Saga is an odd title in which a family friend invites you to be the new resident musher of Firebowl Kennel, where you start your career as a musher.


Dog Sled Saga is about managing a team of dogs. You start the game by picking and naming three dogs. From there you must train them to be the best sled team around. Each dog has a specific strength and weakness, and you must learn to use these to your advantage during races. You race your dogs to win money and sponsors. This money is used to buy new dogs, or pay the weekly fee determined by your league. Sponsors give you better equipment.

Overall Opinion:

I would recommend Dog Sled Saga to anyone who likes simple yet fun games. It is a good way to pass time, and does not start to feel stale after a while.

Thank you all for reading! Please leave a comment if you enjoyed, or if you thought I left something out.